• AnonymousCan you explain the "white leo curse"?
  • thepushyqueenofsluttown

    As far as I’m concerned, there is no white leo curse.

    But I think when most people say it, thy’re referring to the fact that Maroney & Douglas both wore white leos when they fell in event finals in London.

  • Tsuk The Pain

    2004 Olympic team final, USA wore white leos and came in 2nd after a series of stumbles (and of course incredibly solid perfs from Romania). 2008 Beam final, Nastia wore white leo and lost out on gold (she was reigning world champ). 

    2012 MAG team final, USA wore the white tanks and tanked to a 5th place finish after qualifying first. 

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sorry if this has been posted already but STOP WHATEVER YOU’RE DOING AND WATCH THIS GIRL’S FLOOR ROUTINE. Her name is Yesenia Ferrera and she’s from Cuba. Now, maybe you’re better gym fans than me and you already knew her but I’m just finding out about her after pan ams and I’M SO EXCITED BECAUSE SHE’S SOO GOOD. She does a full twisting DLO, a DLO (little bit pikey), a 2.5 + front layout and a double tuck. She’s so insanely powerful, all of her leaps are soooo high and her choreo is pretty great too. She also has a difficult bars set that includes a clear hip 1/1 + tkatcev, a hindorff and a full twisting DLO dismount. Her beam routine is pretty good too, nothing spectacular here but she performs lots of aerials connected to jumps and some high leaps. And if my eyes are not failing me her vault looks like a rudi (but the video is kinda blurry so tell me if it’s not)

There’s obviously LOTS of room for improvement in her excecution but I don’t care I LOVE HER


Her leaps are so impressive wow

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She hit that triple Y turn!

Score: 14.700

someone gif that triple y to double turn

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