okay I need help. I’m a little confused with Phan Thi Ha Thanh’s name…

Is her first name just Phan and the rest her last name??

bailies-keys said: I think its the other way around? Phan is her last name I think

well now I’m more confused than I was before! haha

i believe phan is the family name and on wikipedia they refer to her first name as just thi like thi placed 1st at asian games

I believe wuhguhguh is right! 

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USA Podium Training Lineup


Just an FYI. Of course, subject to change.

BB: Skinner, Kocian, Baumann, Biles, Ross // Locklear (fell), Desch 
FX: Kocian, Baumann, Ross, Skinner, Biles // Desch
VT: Kocian, Baumann, Ross, Skinner, Biles // Desch
UB: Skinner, Biles, Ross, Kocian, Locklear // Desch

This was what most of us were expecting. Skinner, Biles, Ross shoot for the AA. Locklear plugs the UB hole, Baumann goes for the three-event spot, and Desch is the consistent alternate that can be used anywhere.  

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  • AnonymousIt seems a bit unethical that you don't source your photos that you rip off Coach Aimee's FB account, back to coach Aimee.
  • sparklesandchalk

    honestly I try to get pictures up so fast that I hardly think about it. but I’m not really sure how this would be any more “unethical” than using someone’s instagram pictures? I don’t know maybe I’m in the wrong. I’d love to know other people’s thoughts on this

  • Tsuk The Pain

    At the very least, provide a link if you’re posting materials that aren’t yours and they come from outside of Tumblr. 

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Team USA: *uses a DTY in team finals*

Brenna: I came out here to have a good time and I’m honestly feeling so attacked right now

*still wins by a large margin* 

Exactly. It was never about the amanar. But people will keep on holding on to that as if Brenna was a sure thing for the team when she competed one event all Summer. 

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*prays I wake up in time to cover podium training tomorrow*

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