D-scores for YOG

Wang Yan (CHN)

Well, I wouldn’t say good. But I’d say serviceable and at leas the Tsuk will score well enough to be used in a team final situation. Give her some more time, some added strength, and she could really have some great vaults! 


queen-moors’ favorite routinesAly Raisman (fx) 3/

This routine wasn’t flawless, but it is still one of my favorites. Aly finally dug in and slayed during an individual competition. Seeing her have that moment (and perform those tumbling runs) was incredible. 

Has she done individual elements in that routine better? Absolutely — the triple was in a sad state by London, and she didn’t get the rebound she needed on her piked double arabian + split…

But other elements have never been better — the double arabian to punch front lay out stuck? Jaw dropping. The extension and ring shape in her switch ring? Who knew Aly could do that and have it justifiably credited?!

Not to mention throwing in her own misfortunes as the perpetual 4th place girl in most individual international competitions….and the fact that USA has never won the floor Gold at the Olympics? 

That’s an unforgettable Olympic moment. 


Anonymous said: You've been saying Kyla on almost (?) all your Rio predictions, how come you're not anymore?


because I don’t really see her staying on top for the next two years, unless we start seeing some serious upgrades. Part of me also says she’ll head off to college and be done with elite, which is totally fine. I still love her gymnastics, but I’m not gonna be that biased fan who puts her favorite athlete on the team just because. I’m trying to be realistic. Not counting her/anyone out, but two years is a long time, especially with the amount of talent and difficulty coming up. 

Agreed. It’s hard not to notice Kyla’s downward trajectory since early 2012, which was her peak, imo. She has been downgrading even since. It’s going to be very hard for her to maintain a spot on the 2016 Olympic team with the juniors we’ve got springing up. 

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Superquick update! The training camp in Hungary has been going really well, I’ve gained lots of strenght and confidence by training with such great gymnasts around me!

I will spend the next 10 days in Helsinki (training of course) and after this super spontaneous trip I will finish my summer camp on the 7th of August.

My qualifying competition for Northern Europeans and Worlds is on the 16th :)

I hope everyone has been enjoying summer with lots of fun!

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(i think i may start uploading gymnasts’ instagram posts from every week)

looks like John’s got that new vault on lock! Can’t wait to see him stick it in competition. 

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Dat layout. 


That’s a must. Even though bad sportsmanship is great for reality tv like drama, it’s just not fair to the other competitors (winners and losers). 

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Alicia Sacramone receives a 9.9 on floor exercise at the 2005 Nationals

Loved this moment, but really it was at least a 9.8 with those two non-lunge steps on her landings. 

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It’s a dicey subject made dicier by the fact that female gymnasts are often young (under 18) in their prime, causing some concerns of pedophilia…

Basically, I say…if you think an athlete is hot and s/he is 18, then there is no harm there! 






Hahahaha oh man please anyone who needs a good laugh please watch this video… bad NBC fluffs at it’s finest. 


oh my gosh that was the most dramatic thing for a step oob


LMFAO is right. It’s not even like this is pre-1996, where 1 out of bounds cost you 5 spots in the rankings. 

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